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Recently Happened

APRIL 4, Teleosemantics for Deep Neural Networks, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

MAR 31, Ascribing contents to word embeddings, FrAIday Seminar Series, Umeå University, Sweden

MAR 24-26, Teleosemantics for Neural Word Embeddings, The Philosophy of Deep Learning Conference, NYU

NOV 25, What do neural word embeddings represent? A case study with Word2Vec, University of Oslo, Oslo

NOV 21-22, Understanding Language Workshop, Moss, Norway

NOV 18, Online Speech Workshop, Institute of Philosophy, London

NOV 3, Perceiving Voice and Speaker Workshop, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer

SEPT 28, Erotetic Injustice, Oslo Mind, Language and Epistemology Network

JULY 29-31, Wittgenstein, the Distributional Hypothesis and Large Language Models, Wittgenstein and A.I., New College of the Humanities, London

JUNE 19-20, What Large Language Models Model Communicating with A.I. Workshop, University of Oslo + University of Hong Kong