Luxemburg by the Sea

When I made my map of the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy in February (okay, when the Gensim implementation of Word2Vec made the map and I coloured it in), I included a bit of discussion about how more neglected philosophers were clustered in one corner, in a ‘Desert of the Underexamined’, because their work was insufficiently attested within the encyclopaedia. Well, Rosa Luxemborg has made a break for the coast! On the April 13th, Lea Ypi’s article on Luxemburg was published. When I retrained the neural network on the whole SEP, she had noticeably moved northwest, closer to the sea. I think this gives a neat visual representation of the impact of a new article on the encyclopedia as a whole. So accordingly, I have added her new location onto the map, a nice red lighthouse by the shore.

Made with

As you would expect, retraining the network moved lots of things around by a tiny amount. The general outline of the map has been very resiliant over reproductions, however, for the sake of science, here’s the new graph.

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